I signed up for my first 100-mile race

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This is a series of articles covering my process of completing my first 100-mile race.

In this article, I’m covering the first step. Setting the goal, choosing the race, and setting up a training plan.

Setting the goal

Ever since I started my endurance journey, I’ve had some specific races/distances I wanted to do. I’ve currently completed: a marathon, Ironman 70.3, Ironman 140.6, and a 50-mile ultramarathon.

I had two things on my list that I still haven’t done: a 100-mile ultramarathon and a sub-3-hour marathon.

Because I did the 50-mile race in 2022, the training and the mindset are still pretty fresh in my mind. That’s why I think it makes more sense to tackle the 100-mile race goal first.

Choosing the race

I wanted to do a race in any of the Nordic countries. I love the nature there, and I’m used to the terrain. I googled races for 2023, and pretty quickly I decided to do the same race as in 2022, Nuts Karhunkierros.

The main reason I picked that race is that it’s at the end of May, which means that it won’t be too hot. That also allows me to enjoy the summer, instead of running for hours and hours in the heat. All the other 100-mile races I saw were later in the summer.

The reason I don’t like this specific race is that it’s longer than it supposes to be. The race I did last year was supposed to be 83 kilometers, but ended up being 86.4 kilometers. This is not just me getting lost and running extra, everyone says the same thing. That means the 166-kilometer race will actually be almost 173 kilometers.

The other reason it isn’t the ideal race is that we usually have snow in Finland until April. Especially in the woods where the sun doesn’t get through to melt the snow. That makes running on trails really difficult. And based on last year's race, I know I need to spend more time on the trails to prepare for the race.

Setting up a training plan

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, one big thing for me with these challenges is to figure it out by…



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